Give A Hand Receive A Smile INC.

About G.A.H.R.A.S

Give A Hand Receive A Smile is a nonprofit organization formulated to conduct varies of community-based activities and events to keep kids off the street exposing them to the world outside of their environment, while promoting family health, fun and fitness, promoting social skills, getting the youth involved with things such as feeding the homeless and assisting the elderly and also getting the community involved with supporting our future generation and most importantly, to generate funds to assist children in need. Our goal is to give underprivileged children the same exposure and opportunity as those who are fortunate by giving them the support they need to make their dreams and goals come true. To do this you must give a helping hand to receive a golden smile.

With your small donation of just $1, we will be able to give one plush toy or 20 cards to a children's hospital.





Christmas Card & Plush Toy Drive


Want to make your own cards?

Here are a few designs we have created for you this year.


Card Design A

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Card Design B

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