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About G.A.H.R.A.S

Give A Hand Receive A Smile is a nonprofit organization formulated to conduct varies of community-based activities and events to keep kids off the street exposing them to the world outside of their environment, while promoting family health, fun and fitness, promoting social skills, getting the youth involved with things such as feeding the homeless and assisting the elderly and also getting the community involved with supporting our future generation and most importantly, to generate funds to assist children in need. Although most of the activities and events will not be free, 75% of the money raised at each event will go to a child nominated for the funding. On behalf of Give A Hand Receive A Smile Inc. An award will be given to a child who wishes to participate in an after school activity, fund a field trip, contribute to the cost of daycare etc. 25% will be funded towards the next event. As a sponsor, donator or volunteer for Give A Hand Receive A Smile Inc. Our goal is to give underprivileged children the same exposure and opportunity as those who are fortunate by giving them the support they need to make their dreams and goals come true. To do this you must give a helping hand to receive a golden smile.

Currently Happening

It's Give A Hand Receive A Smile Inc. 8th Annual Christmas Card & Plush toy Drive.
When: November 1st - December 23rd
Why: Donate a Christmas card to a children’s hospital (Just so you know, Dollar tree has 14-20 Christmas cards for just $1)
Optional Info: Please feel free to include your name, city, and state in the inside of your cards.
What's Happening: All cards will be distributed Christmas morning as the children receive their breakfast.
For more info call:
Rev. Lakeisha Michelle Thomas at (954) 913-9776
or contact me via e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tranquil Inferno Feature Film

Brief Overview:

Tranquil Inferno is the first, "How To" film about Black Wall Street. This isn't a documentary, it's a drama about the success, destruction and rebuild of a small Black town in Tulsa Oklahoma.  The story follows a teacher who gives a lecture about Black Wall Street. When then go back in time to trace her words. Students are given a remarkable oral story about this powerful American story.  Viewers will laugh, cry and learn about Black Wall Street.  Additionally, they're receive basic understandings of how they too can build their own Black Wall Street. 

If you contribute anything over $10, you'll be mailed a cool, "I Am Black Wall Street" wristband.

Help show the world that you support this film and Black entrepreneurship!  Additionally, we offer sneek peeks at the film, your name in credits and sooo much more!

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